Blind Elephant Finally Got Her 1st Taste Of Freedom After 46 Years Of Captive Abuse

Do hope she enjoys her last years with her freedom…!💛🐘

So happy he has he’s first test of freedom and he enjoys the rest of he’s live ❤️❤️

She had to live in captivity in India for the first 46 years of her life. She is used in [religious processions and temple rituals], as well as to transport tourists around the streets.
All of this happened until she was finally set free in January of this year.

Can you imagine how difficult it must be for a blind elephant to navigate the busy streets while being ridden by tourists?

Finally, she got her 1st taste of freedom. She was rescued and set free by Wildlife SOS. Karma was finally set free by Wildlife SOS. She will undoubtedly enjoy the rest of her life there, or at the very least, her caregivers will make every effort to ensure that she does.

Karma will undergo a [comprehensive medical treatment] and exam as she is blind. Where she would be thoroughly [examined by veterinarians] and cared for by the staff. Her feet began to heal after a few weeks of walking on proper terrain, and the hospital staff helped her feel more relaxed and happy.

Karma is now confidently walking toward physical and psychological [hea.ling], and we’re confident that everyone around her is doing everything they can to assist her.
We hope she now will spend the rest of her days peacefully enjoying love & freedom, doing what elephants enjoy doing.

Long may you live beautiful girl.

And hope she has the best now in all ways in her older age. Feeling so sad that this has happened to her.
Thankyou so much for saving her, I wish I was nearer to take care of her too.❤️

Bless her heart ❤️🙏🙏She will finally fine love and hugs.

Watch the rescue in video below:

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