“Blaze Is A Pure Black Labrador Retriever, But He’s A Little Different From The Others”

Blaze is a pure Labrador Retriever. He’s ten years old, lives in Finland and likes the outdoors. This adorable dog is almost like any other Lab. Almost.

Blaze was born with a black coat and it had stayed that way for most of his life. But about a year ago, this black labrador started developing white patches all over his body.

Turns out, the cute doggo has vitiligo. His owner Santeri, however, said it doesn’t stop Blaze from enjoying his everyday life. The unusual animal is still healthy, full of energy, and wants to go places, since vitiligo only changes fur and skin pigmentation and nothing else.

Recently, Santeri shared a photo of Blaze sitting next to the dinner table in a popular Facebook group called Dogspotting Society, and it instantly went viral. The image has generated over 32K reactions, and people can’t stop admiring Blaze’s mesmerizing appearance

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