Baby Bat Rescued After Being Hit By Car Stuffs Her Cheeks With Banana, And The Video Is So Adorable

This baby bat named ‘Miss Alicia’ was rescued in Queensland, Australia, after a frightening encounter with a vehicle left her requiring immediate care.

She was taken into the caring hands of bat conservationist Denise Wade, and she is set to make a complete recovery without significant injuries suffered. She even managed to look cute as hell in the aftermath, if you haven’t realized.   When tiny Miss Alicia was recovering, swaddled in a comfy blue towel, Wade too} a video of her feeding time.  Given the fact that flying foxes possess a common sweet tooth (their food intake is made up mainly of fruit and nectar), you can imagine the way Alicia reacted when a fresh banana was offered to her.  Scroll down to watch the priceless clip for yourself.

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