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Army Dog Who Ran Through Bullets To Save Soldiers Receives Medal For Bravery

When British and local forces came under machine gun fire as they conducted a rain on Al-Qaeda, a brave Belgium Malinois named Kuno continued to attack an insurgent despite being shot in two legs thus saving the soldiers’ lives.

Now the heroic dog is being awarded the highest military honor for animals, the PDSA Dickin Medal of Valour, which is the equivalent to the Medal of Honor.

Kuno was injured during an attack on an Al-Qaeda compound in Afghanistan in 2019. The incident happened when the Elite Special Boat Service (SBS) and local forces came under heavy machine gun and grenade fire and were pinned down.

As they were bombarded by bullets and blasts, the soldiers were unable to move. Despite the onslaught, Kuno sprang into action and attacked one of the insurgents, biting him in the arm and wrestling him to the ground.

During the attack, Kuno was shot in both back legs and his paw. He was air lifted to medical treatment, however, an infection set in and his back paw and ultimately had to be amputated. Despite his injuries, he recovered and now wears prosthesis on both back legs that allows him to run and play.

Thankfully the brave dog survived his ordeal and saved the lives of the soldiers. PDSA Director General Jan McLoughlin, said, “He took on the enemy without fear or hesitation, never faltering from his duty despite being seriously injured.”

“The award by the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA), a British veterinary charity, is considered the highest military honor offered to animals”, the equivalent to a Medal of Honor or, in the UK, a Victoria Cross, according to the charity.

Kuno will receive his medal in November and joins the dozens of dogs, pigeons, four horses, and one cat that have also received the honor. Please share his heroic story with your family and friends.

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