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Already In Labor, Alone On The Streets, They Do Everything Possible To Keep Her And Her Kittens Alive!


The Humane Rescue Alliance of Washington D.C plucked a pregnant stray cat off the streets earlier this year. They needed to move fast as she was going into labor.

The main problem being it could be a difficult one as she was only skin and bone and way too young to be pregnant. They would do everything they could to keep Mom and her newborn kittens alive.

However, while Mom was OK, only one of her kittens made it through the birthing process. Susie. H, a volunteer Foster Mom, took them home with her and made them as comfortable as possible. The Mom, Shauna, was still recovering from her difficult birthing process and was not producing milk.

So for the first three weeks, Susie had the job of providing the sole surviving kitten around-the-clock feeds.

As Shauna continued to recover, something seemed to click inside her, and she went into complete mother-mode. She kept her kitten clean and gave the little one lots of cuddles.

Whenever he wanted her, she was there, whenever he cried, she came running. Remaining a reassuring presence in the early stages of his life.

Mom was never far from his side, making sure Shane never strayed too far from the nest, giving him constant cuddles.

As he continued learning to walk Shauna was there by his side, making sure he was always in sight.

“Mama Shauna is so attentive to her baby. She lets me take him out to feed him, but she keeps a close eye on us, hovering,” Susie said.

“As soon as we are done and he lets out a meow, she calls back to him and then takes him out of my hands to bring him back to the nest.”

When the milk came back online, Shane lost all interest in the bottle and would spend most of his days at Mom’s milk bar. Even when he was old enough to eat he would go back for the occasional snack.

Part II


The bond this Mom and Son pair shared was amazing to witness.

Shauna adores her tiny survivor, and he sticks close to her side. Very clingy he is never far from her side.

“Shane’s eyes have gone from baby blue to hazel to increasingly lighter green. This kid may turn out to be a true mini-me of his mama.”

Just prior to being neutered, Shane met his soon-to-be forever family, it was love at first life for all. Not only for Shane but also for Shauna too.

“Not surprisingly, they charmed them,” Susie said. “They’ve been through so much together, and I’m so glad they’ll get to grow up together in a safe and happy home.”

Since moving into their new home Shauna and Shane have been renamed, Jasmine and Raja.

Their journey from the streets to their forever home has been difficult but so worth it.

“Shane went from a helpless pocket kitten that fit in one hand to a fluffy, happy, self-cleaning cuddle monster who would come running when I called his name,” Susie said.

Always a pretty cat, Shauna is now a happy, healthy pretty cat.

Still spoiling her equally happy boy.

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