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Adopted Donkey Thinks He’s A Dog-Can’t Stop Wagging His Tail When He Sees Dad

The phrase about dogs being man’s best friend has been repeated many times. Both in words and in deeds. It is just enough to see a human with his fellow dog to realize the powerful friendship and loyalty that exists between them. A relationship of love and commitment built up over centuries.

But what you have never heard is someone saying that “donkey is man’s best friend”. Because it’s not very common to keep these animals as pets

However, little donkey Walter disagrees. Or just the opposite, and that’s why he acts like a dog. He was adopted by a family in Oatman, Arizona, and he grew up surrounded by three German shepherd dogs, who were like his brothers, and he learned a lot from them.

Walter didn’t take long to adjust to his new life with human parents and dog siblings. And he soon learned enough manners to get along with everyone in the household

But undoubtedly the most surprising thing, was that along with the good education from his canine brothers, he also learned from them more things about their behavior, like wagging his tail when he is excited, sleeping like them or even jumping on top of his human father.

Not only is this donkey loved in his family, but Walter also participates in various activities and charities, volunteering as an emotional support donkey.

“We never imagined how much Walter would change our lives for the better,” said his human dad Brad Blake

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