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A Smiling Puppy Is A Happy Dog ​​After Being Rescued

You will never know how hard the start of life for this happy puppy was once just with a smile on his cute face. In fact, she lived alone on the streets of Fresno, California. Because she had no one to love and care for her, she developed severe scabies and suffered from hernias. At one time she was sent to a dog shelter, but was not accepted. Her time at the dog shelter is soon over and I hope her situation is different.  Fresno Bully Rescue knew the dog’s location and decided to rescue it. She wasn’t feeling well at the time, and she smelled like scabies!

But despite what she had to go through, she still found the courage to wag her tail. Fresno Bully Rescue sent her for her adoption and she first saw a video of her when Amy Matsushima visited her vet. She fell in love with her sweet face and knew she had to meet her.  “I couldn’t believe it when I saw a picture of her on the rescue workers network. She looked miserable, but the way she wags her tail and smiles slightly touched her heart. You should know this puppy.” As soon as she met her, she adopted the dog. Her scabies healed and the dog has become a happy puppy with the unique characteristic of a pleasantly contagious smile!

Now she drives around the house He has a charming smile on his face when he walks around, even when he doesn’t want to go for a walk. She also has her own Instagram where she shares her smile and happiness with everyone who sees her on social media. From street dogs to the cutest and coolest pup, this cute little girl now knows she’s safe. She likes to hang out and hang out, but still don’t like to walk and will use her sweet smile to try to get out!

From stray dogs to cute and cool puppies, such inspiring stories, this pretty girl now knows she’s safe. She likes to play and hang out, but she still doesn’t like her to walk and she tries to get out with a cute smile. Watch the video below to learn more and tell us what you think of the story!

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