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A Rescued Mini-Kitten Opted To Become A Shoulder Pet And That Was The End Of It

Striped Bambi, along with her brothers and sisters, found up at a shelter in Montreal, Canada. She was frail and considerably smaller than the rest.

She was still unwell while the other kittens had recovered. The shelter’s workers sought assistance from animal rights advocates Chatons Orphelins Montréal.

The infant was welcomed with wide arms by the rescuers, who meticulously monitored her health. “Her growth had halted, and her body was disproportionately small in comparison to her head,” explains Celine Krom of the rescue team.

After drinking a course of drugs for the digestive tract, she began to gain weight, but slowly. She was later prescribed antibiotics and supplements to fight the disease.

Bambi, a tiny brave kitty, never gave up and never stopped purring. “The treatment gave very good results and she got better.”

She was half the size of her siblings at 8 weeks, yet she could play, run, and do everything that other kittens could.

Her personality began to emerge as she grew stronger.

When not sitting on the cat’s climbing frame, Bambi rides on the shoulders of his man, surveying the territory.

“She likes to climb onto her shoulders and nuzzle the crook of her neck. She is able to get into any crack, but she always stays close to her people, ”says Selin.

The striped child may be little, but she is fearless. “With her large eyes and thick fur, she looks like a lovely little gremlin,” Celine continues.

Bambi spends all of her time hugging and riding on the shoulders of her guardians. “It’s extremely relaxing when she clings to her folks.” She prefers to sleep beneath the blankets next to them.”

She has developed into a super fluffy, elegant cat after two months of love and care, ready for the next step of her travels.

Bambi was adored by the other rescued sheltering cats.

Last week, the dream of the striped girl came true. One family fell in love with her and accepted her into their house for good.

Bambi was saved twice – when she was picked up from the street and when she was helped to start growing.

She now likes human caresses and rides on her shoulders as part of her new existence with a permanent family.

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