A Mexican Saved Three Hundred Animals By Sheltering Them For The Duration Of A Hurricane In His Own House

This guy’s love of animals was from a very early age. He was so kind that made a shelter in his own house and saved almost 300 animals.

Ricardo Pimentel was known as an animal savior from childhood. 9 years ago there was even a shelter opened with his help too. This time he decided to make his home, which is located in the city of Cancun, Mexica, a large shelter for animals.

In 2020 there was the strongest hurricane Delta in Mexico. During the hurricane, he managed to save almost 300 lives. There are not only dogs but Ricardo also welcomed cows, sheep, iguanas, turtles, and other species of animals. He was very glad that he could somehow save a piece of nature and do a favor for these animals.

Now he is trying to make new bigger walls for his shelter to have more animals there and to make the homeless animals feel the warmth there.

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