A 14 Year Old Street Cat Provides Help To Orphaned Kittens

Until Emily took him in, Runt the tabby cat had been a strаy for much of his life.

He was in bad shape when she discovered him; he was emaciated, had multiple cuts on his face and ears, and was suffering from a long illness.

So he was in pretty bad shape when arrived at the Lake County Animal Shelter. The vet also told Emily something that took her by surprise, Runt was 14 years old!

So instead of leaving them at the shelter, Emily volunteered to be his foster mom.

Runt is a laid-back cat that gets along with all of the other creatures in the home, including puppies and kittens.

Emily once brought home a foster kitten, and Runt took it upon himself to care for the baby.

So now Runt lives with Sassy, Pixie, and Petunia who was shot in the face but has bounced back and is now a beautiful cat.

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