9 Signs Your Cat Truly Loves You

Have you ever questioned if your cat genuinely cares about you? Cats show their affection for their owners in a variety of ways. While some of these may be evident, other gestures of their adoration may have hidden meanings that you are unaware of. Here’s a list of 9 signs your cat actually loves you, scroll down to check if your cat has ever done any actions to you, and tell us in the comment section!

#1 Your cat brings you their “presents”

When cats bring their owner random objects, or even their kills (not for the faint of heart), these are actually their ways of sending gifts. Cat are natural hunters, and by sending you presents, they are showing a way of offering food or sharing their bounties with their family.

The prey-catching activity has nothing to do with hunger. Instead, the “prey” obtained by indoor cats is frequently toy mice, balls, and garbage that they believe they are “hunting.” Even though they are mostly harmless, these presents can occasionally scare you out of your wits.

#2 Your cat will flash you their tummy

Like most animals, cats don’t usually show their stomachs to anyone, since the belly is the most vulnerable spot for cats. If one day, they roll over and wiggle around to manipulate you into belly-rubbing them all day is a sign that they are comfortable around you and they trust you. Moreover, they feel loved and secured by staying by your side, and the fuzzy belly display is a defenseless state of cats.

Cats are animals with a high sense of pride, so when they let down their guard around you, that means you are on their whitelist. However, cats exposing their belly don’t necessarily mean an invitation to pet their bellies.

#3 Your cat has a thing for head butting you

Although you would never think of this as a friendly gesture with a human, to receive a head butt (head bunt) from a cat is a pretty big deal. When your cat shares this special privilege with you, they are actually depositing facial pheromones on to you. These serve to represent their feelings, and their “possession” towards you, as if they are leaving traces of their scent to claim you with.

Despite being a violent and crude behavior in the human world, in the cats’ world, headbutting their owners are a pretty big deal. This act is a way of showing affection and is delivered only to the A-listers in the cats’ life. … This loving touch can often release feel-good hormones called endorphins in your cat and you. These serves show their feelings, and their “possessions” towards owners, as if they are leaving fragrant traces to “mark” owners theirs.

#4 Love bites… but hopefully not too hard!

When your cat playfully nibbles on you, it’s one of their methods of expressing their love for you. It’s not the same as a bite that could damage you, and it tickles more than anything. The love bites can be a sign that your cat is overstimulated or wants you to stop what you’re doing and give them all the spotlights.

#5 Following/lingering around wherever you are

Cats can be sassy and play hard to get at times, but once they start to follow you around the house, rub on your legs, or even jump in the toilet with you, acknowledge it as an act of affection. And of course, this can also mean as a way of drawing attention to them.

#6 Kneading (and needing) their master

If your cat kneads you like pizza dough, it’s a sign of a relaxed cat, and they also do it to express their affection for you that they learned as babies while feeding on their mothers. When your cat stays by your side as you sleep, they are known to drift themselves into a heavenly state while kneading away at parts of your body.

#7 Twitching the tips of their tail

The cat’s tail is like a mood sensor, which can reveal its feelings. When your cat quivers its tail, especially if it’s an elevated tail held upright, it is sending a “Hello!”, and they usually do it when they feel happy and secured.

#8 The power of the purr

Purring is the most common sound cats make. And fortunately, they purr when they are content. If you give them a real good stroke under their chins, their ears, and around their cheeks, they will purr like a motor.

#9 Eye contact with a kitty kiss-if you’re lucky

Cats don’t usually make eye contact, but when they do, they usually do it with those they are fond of and trust – so if you catch your kitty giving you the eye, don’t be worried, they are giving the ‘love’ eye, not the ‘eye-on-the-prey’ glance. When your kitty locks eyes with you, casting a slow blink once eyes are met, this is their version of a kiss. Reciprocate their love and give back a slow blink.

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