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9 Cats Became Motivators of the Office Employees

In Tokyo, one of the offices has decided to adopt 9 cats for their office. They really helped to raise the productivity of the office.

In Tokyo living spaces are small and people sometimes can’t manage to have pets at their homes. That’s why in Tokyo many pets live in shelters and don’t have families.

But pets help people be more energetic, productive and not to feel lonely. It is a proven fact that people who live with pets will experience less stress and will avoid heart attacks.

So the Ferray corporation believed that acquiring these cats would help to raise the productivity of their work. The employees were allowed to play with them which will help to lower their stress and would fill them with more energy. 9 cats became the real motivators of the office. Besides, the employees were allowed to bring their pets with them.

The only minus was that sometimes cats played with wires and the equipment failed.

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