80-year-old tortoise becomes a first-time mom

Never too late! She just hadn’t found the right man!

God 80 po.or old girl not sure how she will have the energy to chase them about bless her.
BUT She doesn’t look a day older than 75!

While most of animal species don’t even live up to 80-year-old, for Nigrita – the tortoise, it is the age she gave birth for the very first time. An even more fortunate event thinking her species is end.ang.ered.

Nigrita is an 80-year-old Galapagos tortoise that lives at the Zoo Zürich in Switzerland.
Native to the islands with the same name, the Galapagos tortoise are the largest tortoise species, weighing up to 900lb. They are also able to live more than 150 years. Unfortunately, back in the 70s, the species was at the verge of ext.inction with only ten individuals left in the wild.
She also happens to be making a big difference for her end.ang.ered species

Nigrita laid her first eggs this year. Most species don’t live to be 80 years old, let alone give birth at that age, but for her species, it’s quite normal!

Galapagos tortoises are known as one of the longest-living animals on Earth.

Fun fact: Galapagos Tortoises can easily live 150 years, while the Aldabra Tortoises can live 250 years. While 80 is a very old age for human standards, it’s equivalent to being in your mid-20s for a tortoise.
So anyone wanting to get one as a pet, PLEASE plan ahead, because, like parrots: they’re a lifetime commitment and will probably outlive you…!

Nigrita is currently part of a breeding program at the zoo, which makes her nine hatchlings all the more special. It’s up to tortoises like Nigrita to ensure the survival of her species.

I’ll bet she is super protective of her little offspring after waiting so long to experience motherhood. Good for you mamma , enjoy your little ones.❤️

Fantastic. nature is so wonderful, we should be helping it to become UNd.ang.ered not the other way round.

Hmmm lovely for her but not sure, as a human, I’d like that…!
God bless her.🐢🐢🙏🙏🙏

Watch the precious video below:

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