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30 Pics Showcase How Unique This Two-Faced Cat Called Quimera Is

Unique animals, particularly cats, appear to be honored by internet users more than most species. Our culture seems to be mesmerized with adorable cat faces that stand out in the crowd, from the late Grumpy Cat to Lil Bub. And now, a cat with the most captivating color is winning everyone’s heart  on the Internet. People are loving Venus – the Two-Faced Cat that perfect embodies the ‘Gemini’ concept

Her appearance speaks for itself: one half is solid black with a green eye, while the other is orange tabby with a blue eye. These uncommon, yet majestic features draw thousands of followers around the world, all gathered in her Instagram to observe her beautiful coat.

With nearly 100k followers on Instagram, this chimera cat draws the attention of the masses with her charming features!



But how did her fur develop such unique patterns? It is because of genetic chimerism, this is most likely the case. When an organism is made up of cells with multiple genotypes, this phenomenon occurs. It can affect both animal and plant species, as well as some humans! A chimera is a cross between two or more zygotes that has a mixed appearance (e.g. Venus and Quimer kitties).



These unusual cat colors could just as well be the result of pure luck, or a one-of-a-kind case of mosaicism. There is only one egg in this case, which happens to have different active genetic expressions in its cells. This condition is far more common in cats than chimerism, but it rarely results in such a distinctly split two-face appearance, the case is also highly unpredictable. In the end, only a DNA test can give us the answer.

















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