21 Times People Saw Unpleasant Things That Cracked Their Convenience Like An Eggshell

Life is not filled with beautiful and sweet things like roses, flowers, and sunshine. Even the most positive people in this world who are likely to look at life with rose-tinted glasses have seen terrible things sometimes. It depends on what the thing is and how much people can bear, but from our experience, there are times when it takes people days to heal from seeing unpleasant things. They could be candles that melted because of high temperatures in the house, or it could be the broken glass door of your office, or it could be an uninvited guest that appeared in the bathroom.
The list below consists of 21 great examples of things people saw that they desperately wanted to forget. Scroll down to check them out!

#1. “How my sister cuts lemons…”

#2. “Tenants called today to tell me the toilet wouldn’t flush, plumber turned up to this”

#3. “Well there is a water snake living in my toilet somehow”

#4. “This just happened when I took my bananas out of a bag”

#5. “While looking for a file in my coworker’s drawer, I found this… thing.”

#6. Worst game of hide and seek ever

#7. “Sunlight through the window melted my keyboard”

#8. “It’s so hot in my apartment that my candles are melting.”

#9. You win this time, carrot…