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18 Unsettling Pics That Fill Our Heads With So Many Questions

Life is hard. And it is even harder to explain everything in this life. We probably never know how wild and weird people and things can get just to mess with our brains. So it is advised that sometimes, we should just let everything go without digging deeper into the reasons behind them. Why did those two girls have their dessert served in a toilet? Why did someone fill their car with loaves of bread? See? There are so so many questions we just can’t have a good explanation for.

To show you what we are talking about, here is the list of 18 unsettling pics we think will have you standing there questioning your whole existence. If you are hungry for more of the same, check out our previous posts about bizarre things and out-of-nowhere pics.

#1. 2 girls 1 bowl???

#2. Dog looks like it has a human nose and mouth

#3. How does the zebra move?

#4. Should we call it a mayonegg?

#5. That’s John Deer

#6. Don’t forget to go shopping for the little mutant on your list

#7. Made with 70% demons and 30% more demons

#8. Multi-purpose Covid mask

#9. Hotels in Canada


#10. That’s not going last long as a phone cover, especially if you own a cat

#11. Shizuoka City has some ‘interesting’ sculptures


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