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15 Cats Who’ve Never Met A Tree They Didn’t Want To Nap In

Cats have a natural tendency to climb trees.

Some felines do it to get a better view of their surroundings, while others climb so they can pounce on their unsuspecting prey more easily. Clingier cats simply want to get their human’s attention, and balancing on a thin branch 20 feet in the air usually does the trick. No matter the reason, they sure look cute when they get up close and personal with nature.

1. This person was just walking along, minding his own business when suddenly… tree cat!

2. Shhh! “Koala cat” is clearly trying to get a few minutes of peace. Let’s not disturb him.

3. In order to enjoy the banana plant, one must become the banana plant.

4. Anybody know where the cat went? We are stumped.

5. These 4-month-old kittens have already mastered the art of hide-and-seek.

6. We tried watering it, but it just made him angry.

7. Zen cat is unbothered by your worldly concerns.

8. Just hanging around, thinking about birds.

9. Seems like an uncomfortable napping spot, but what do we know?

10. This beautiful cat is ready for his close-up.

11. Even cats who don’t love heights are drawn to trees at nap time.

12. Some say that Ye Olde Tree Cat is always watching. And always judging.

13. Some cats look majestic no matter where they are.

14. The Christmas tree counts, doesn’t it?

15. In case you were wondering, no, it’s not just a house cat thing!

How cute are these tree-hugging felines? We don’t care what they do just as long as they’re happy. But we wouldn’t mind if they cuddled with us on the couch instead of heading for the great outdoors!

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